Bridgerton: Jack Featherington’s Twist Was Hidden In His Identify

Bridgerton season 2 usually emphasised his Jack’s nickname too; when Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) first refers to Bridgerton’s Lord Featherington as Cousin Jack, Portia is shocked and barely unnerved by the familial time period. Moreover, when Jack is engaged to Prudence (Bessie Carter), she nonetheless refers to him as Cousin Jack regardless of Portia’s objections. Portia is aware of about Jack’s empty mines at this level, and though her objections are towards highlighting the cousin relation between Jack and Prudence, it may be a rejection of the nickname which reveals his nugatory mines.

The emphasis on the nickname Cousin Jack all through Bridgerton season 2 suggests it was not only a coincidence however a giant easter egg to Jack Featherington’s massive twist. Nevertheless, it was solely his household who known as him this, and Bridgerton is about in 1813, earlier than the Cornish diaspora. This could suggest that the nickname was an easter egg for the viewers to select up on, significantly as Bridgerton makes use of loads of Jane Auster easter eggs and isn’t one thing that the characters may have labored out. particularly as none of his and Portia’s buyers would have identified him as Cousin Jack.

In Bridgerton season 2’s remaining episode, “The Viscount Who Liked Me”, Portia sends Jack again to America penniless. This makes his nickname of Cousin Jack nonetheless very becoming as he’s emigrating again to America on account of empty mines. Due to this fact, Jack Featherington’s nickname, which hid his greatest twist additionally predicted the character’s season 2 ending.

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