Darth Vader’s Fortress On Mustafar Defined: Origin & Star Wars Historical past

Shortly after the occasions of Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader was tasked by his new Emperor to meet important coaching now that he was formally a Sith Lord. This included discovering and killing a Jedi grasp and claiming his lightsaber as his personal. As was custom for the Sith, Vader poured all of his ache, struggling, and rage into the lightsaber’s residing kyber crystal, making it bleed to create a real Sith lightsaber, giving it its lethal crimson colour. Nonetheless, Vader was instructed to do that on Mustafar, a world carrying deep sources of energy at the hours of darkness of the Pressure, reminiscent of a locus of darkish facet vitality primed for the Darkish Lord’s ritual.

It was additionally not misplaced on both Sith Lord that this world was the positioning of Vader’s biggest defeat, harnessing the ensuing ache and rage of that loss to make the brand new Darkish Lord even stronger on the darkish facet. Following subsequent missions for Darth Sidious, the place Vader and his new Inquisitors tracked down and killed Jedi masters reminiscent of Jocasta Nu and Eeth Koth, the Emperor wished to reward his apprentice. As such, Vader requested a world of his personal. Whereas Sidious supplied planets of non-public significance reminiscent of Naboo or Tatooine, Darth Vader demanded (and was given) Mustafar, the place he would start building on his new fortress.

Fortress Vader’s Origin, Design & Historical Sith Powers Defined

Utilizing the trapped spirit of the Sith architect Momin, Darth Vader had his fortress constructed with an especially darkish and tragic goal. Constructed atop the exact same locus of darkish facet energy, Vader and Momin supposed to construct his fort to function a conduit that may amplify his energy tenfold, permitting him to do issues that would not be carried out anyplace else: like resurrecting his deceased spouse Padmé whom he killed in Revenge of the Sith. Whereas it took 9 completely different makes an attempt at designing the right Sith fortress that may permit Vader to try this darkish job, his fort was finally accomplished following an inevitable betrayal by Momin, who tried to make use of the fortress for his personal ends. Defeating Momin, Darth Vader did attempt to carry his Padmé again (however was in the end unsuccessful).

Nonetheless, Fortress Vader was nonetheless the place Darth Vader was at his strongest. Granted, it was additionally the place he may very well be his most susceptible. That includes medical services and a big tank stuffed with therapeutic bacta, the Darkish Lord was capable of take away his helmet, armor, and life-support programs to briefly alleviate his broken physique and tissue throughout the uncommon instances his grasp didn’t have a present use for him. When Vader was away serving his grasp, the fortress was taken care of by his attendant Vaneé and guarded by a private garrison of black-armored Lava Troopers, with respiratory apparatuses mirroring the Darkish Lord himself,

The place Else Darth Vader’s Fortress Has Appeared In Star Wars Motion pictures & Reveals

Though Fortress Vader made its first debut in Rogue One, the fort has been featured in different Star Wars initiatives as nicely. Past the comics and novels, Fortress Vader has most just lately been seen in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Initially suspended inside his bacta tank, Vader donned his cybernetics and armor earlier than receiving a report from the Inquisitor Third Sister, offering a have a look at the throne room. Fortress Vader was additionally included amongst a number of completely different vistas in 2021’s Star Wars Biomes launched on Disney+, a brief characteristic that confirmed the fort and the encompassing lava-covered area.

The canonical VR expertise Vader Immortal was additionally set inside Fortress Vader, revealing much more secrets and techniques like the truth that Vader’s fort was not solely constructed atop a locus of darkish facet vitality but in addition an historical fortress belonging to Woman Corvax, a Pressure-sensitive who’s actions turned Mustafar into its current hellscape, fairly than the world lush with life it was centuries earlier than. Mustafar and the ruins of Fortress Vader had been additionally briefly visited by Kylo Ren and the First Order firstly of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Debuts The Empire’s OTHER Fortress

The Fortress Inquisitorius was additionally featured in Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 3, making its live-action debut because the stronghold for Vader’s Inquisitors. First featured within the Jedi: Fallen Order online game, the Empire’s different fortress was situated on Nur, an oceanic moon that was additionally within the Mustafar system as nicely. As such, the Inquisitors’ grasp was by no means too far-off (and neither are his punishments ought to they fail him). Working example, Lord Vader had already promised Third Sister that she wouldn’t dwell to remorse her failure if Kenobi escaped.

Kylo Ren & The Legacy Of Vader’s Fortress

Even after Darth Vader’s demise in Return of the Jedi, his legacy and the legacy of his fortress had been nonetheless felt. Though it was revealed that Fortress Vader fell to break within the years that adopted throughout the age of the New Republic, the world was visited by Kylo Ren shortly after he grew to become Supreme Chief of the First Order. Idolizing his grandfather’s darkness like Darth Vader (and ignoring his redemption as Anakin Skywalker), Kylo battled a number of Mustafarians to assert the Sith Wayfinder that led him to the key Sith world of Exegol and Darth Sidious. This was the exact same Wayfinder Vader discovered on Mustafar a long time earlier, as seen within the comics.

Mustafar’s Fortress Vader has an extended and darkish historical past that spans a few years throughout the Star Wars timeline. As far more secrets and techniques concerning the fort proceed to be revealed with new tales, such because the at the moment ongoing comedian the place the Knights of Ren broke into the fort and battled with Vader in between episodes of the unique trilogy. Unquestionably, it’s a construction that’s as darkish and intimidating because the Darkish Lord of the Sith himself.

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