Higher Name Saul’s Vet Cameo Explains A Season 6 Easter Egg

The large query now could be how Dr. Caldera’s black ebook of baddies winds up in Saul Goodman’s possession. The obvious clarification is Jimmy and Kim use their cartel cash (or even perhaps their Sandpiper winnings) to make Caldera’s goals come true. They pay him for the ebook, the vet spends the the rest of his days rescuing cats, and Saul successfully takes Caldera’s place as Albuquerque’s go-to man for mischief. However, Jimmy and Kim’s future is wanting more and more darkish as their Howard Hamlin rip-off tiptoes into extra morally murky territory than ever earlier than. Now they know Caldera’s large secret (displaying them the ebook does really feel like a significant goof), will Higher Name Saul‘s Bonnie & Clyde hatch a plan to take that black notepad by any means mandatory? Or maybe there’s a center floor between these two theories – some disgruntled third social gathering offs Dr. Caldera, then Jimmy swoops in to nab the treasure trove left behind.

Nevertheless he will get maintain of it, Higher Name Saul‘s black ebook reveal helps clarify Jimmy McGill’s future position in Breaking Unhealthy. Saul Goodman is the person Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will in the future depend on for prison underworld contacts. Very hardly ever does Saul not “know a man” for any given state of affairs. Jimmy hasn’t fairly reached that standing as of Higher Name Saul season 6’s halfway level, however shopping for/stealing Caldera’s ebook and inheriting the vet’s fix-it gig bridges the hole between Jimmy’s prequel current and what Saul finally turns into in Breaking Unhealthy.

Higher Name Saul continues Monday on AMC.

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