How Many Folks Dexter Morgan Killed

Throughout the rely of murders which might be completely dedicated by Dexter earlier than the top of season 8, 45 of the confirmed kills got here from the variety of blood slides Dexter had in his first field. After his first blood slide field was discovered by the FBI in Dexter season 2’s Bay Harbor Butcher case, which was pinned on James Doakes, Dexter needed to begin a brand new field. The second field of Dexter’s blood slides included 43 extra folks, bringing the whole of confirmed kills accounted for by his bins to 88. By Dexter’s flashbacks with Harry Morgan, the sequence additionally indicated that Dexter killed at the very least 7 folks earlier than he began holding their blood slides as trophies. Along with the 88 confirmed from his bins, there are roughly 50 extra confirmed kills in Dexter‘s unique sequence the place the Bay Harbor Butcher both didn’t take blood from them or misplaced their slides.

It will likely be onerous to ever get a concrete rely of how many individuals Dexter Morgan killed earlier than Dexter: New Blood‘s timeline, so the true tally doubtless goes additional past the steered 138 victims. Since Dexter began killing when he was 20 years outdated, he racked up a excessive complete of victims within the subsequent 20 years earlier than he faked his loss of life. Moreover, this rely solely contains what Dexter confirmed within the first 8 seasons, so it inevitably leaves out lots of the victims that the Bay Harbor Butcher took earlier than Dexter season 1 or failed to say on display screen.

How Many Folks Did Dexter Kill In New Blood?

The premiere of Dexter: New Blood revealed that the serial killer hadn’t taken any extra victims within the 10-year hiatus since Dexter season 8, which means the rely was nonetheless at roughly 138 folks when he lastly returned to killing. Throughout his time in Iron Lake, Dexter Morgan solely killed 5 extra folks, although he additionally revealed a beforehand unseen sufferer from Dexter‘s unique sequence. In Dexter: New Blood, the Bay Harbor Butcher killed Matt Caldwell, drug seller Jasper Hodge, Elric Kane, The Runaway Killer/Kurt Caldwell, and the harmless Sergeant Logan. When telling his son Harrison concerning the Code of Harry, Dexter Morgan revealed that he had additionally murdered the little one killer Wiggles the Clown through the unique sequence’ timeline, bringing the unique tally up by one. Earlier than Harrison killed Dexter’s title character and formally ended his homicide profession, the kill rely of the Bay Harbor Butcher was introduced to at the very least 144 victims.

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