How Victoria Neuman Is Linked To [SPOILER] In The Boys

After all, it’s the always-unlucky Hugh Campbell who first realizes Victoria Neuman is hiding a darkish secret, and he has two clues to work with – “Nadia” and “Purple River.” Due to some information swiped from Vought HQ by Starlight off-screen, Hughie discovers Victoria is an alias, and Nadia is the congresswoman’s actual title. A video Hughie later discovers is labeled “Nadia N,” so we will maybe guess “Neuman” is her precise surname. Purple River, in the meantime, is a gaggle dwelling for kids with super-powers. The Purple River children had been largely orphaned (Madelyn Stillwell’s son is a resident) or given away after their superpowers started exhibiting, however via the 2 gory images on her file, The Boys suggests Neuman popped her delivery dad and mom’ heads. For sure, the adoption charge at Purple River isn’t implausible.

“Nadia” grew up at Purple River circa 1986, and made a greatest good friend known as Tony. Due to a “WANTED” poster noticed on MM’s immaculately organized investigation board, we all know Tony went on to develop into a registered supe, and his dialog with Neuman confirms they grew aside in maturity. After years with out contact, seeing Congresswoman Neuman continually pop up on TV prompted Tony to achieve out.

Vought retains Purple River conspicuously near its chest, with the constructing surrounded by a series hyperlink fence and 24/7 safety, however a couple of hits on the pause button confirms Madelyn Stillwell was a supervisor within the late Nineteen Nineties. As a result of Tony begs Victoria Neuman to assist him expose what occurred” to him, Purple River should additionally cover a darker secret than merely being a supe-child orphanage.

The Boys Season 3 Confirms Neuman Is Stan Edgar’s Adopted Daughter

The Boys season 3’s massive revelation comes when Hughie opens a video file nabbed from Purple River utilizing a type of magic USBs that mechanically downloads a complete onerous drive in seconds. Victoria Neuman is Stan Edgar’s adopted daughter. After impressing at Purple River, a pre-teen Neuman was approached by Edgar, who supplied to look after her as a mum or dad. He specifies this isn’t “technically” an adoption, however that’s solely to keep away from creating documental proof linking them collectively. Edgar takes Neuman dwelling and turns into her father like every other adoptive mum or dad would. For the reason that video nonetheless makes use of the title “Nadia,” we will assume “Victoria” was an id Edgar himself conjured as much as cover his baby’s true id.

The connection between Stan Edgar and Victoria Neuman is a posh one. On one hand, a real father-daughter affection exists between them. The Vought CEO reads tales to his granddaughter simply as he learn them to Nadia herself, he places a reassuring arm round Neuman after the incident with Tony, and she or he responds with the type of playful admiration you’d discover in most wholesome father-daughter relationships. Edgar didn’t undertake Nadia as a mere instrument – she really grew to become his baby. Having mentioned that, Edgar completely holds an ulterior motive in adopting a baby from Purple River. He offered the loving household setting Nadia at all times needed, however what did he achieve in return?

Stan Edgar adopting Victoria Neuman may verify the darkish Purple River secret Tony hinted at. In Nadia’s adoption video, the unseen physician tells the kid, “You’ve made a lot progress, and that’s why you’re right here.” This line implies Purple River skilled and honed the skills of harmful younger Compound-V topics, permitting Vought’s chief to pick the kid most helpful for his grand design.

Was Neuman At all times Working For Vought?

Brief reply, sure. Longer reply, Neuman’s allegiance lies particularly with Stan Edgar quite than Vought as an organization. We are able to assume Edgar set his daughter on the political path (the price of getting adopted, possibly), and has been exploiting her congressional clout for Vought’s profit because the very starting. Neuman’s anti-supe political stance was possible supposed to deflect suspicion – a tactic so profitable even Billy Butcher acquired caught along with his pants down. Stan Edgar possible ordered Neuman to kill Susan Raynor when her investigation into Vought began digging up juicy information, and Adana due to his damaging intelligence on all of the supes who had been as soon as Church of the Collective members (it was Adana’s information that uncovered Stormfront’s Nazism, in spite of everything). The bloody congress listening to, in the meantime, was halted earlier than any severe harm to Vought might be executed, however with out tarnishing Victoria Neuman’s repute as a courageous anti-supe campaigner.

Neuman’s rise to the FBSA would’ve been music to Stan Edgar’s ears. The connection allowed Vought to exonerate their extra invaluable workers by sacrificing small fry. For example, Termite walks free after detonating one other man’s urethra in trade for Chilly Snap, Stacker and Airburst, who Vought most likely couldn’t care much less about. Neuman performs this off as Butcher’s fault, when she’s really doing her daddy’s bidding. As an added bonus, Neuman’s FBSA gig successfully meant Stan Edgar maintaining Billy Butcher leashed for a complete yr.

What Is Stan Edgar’s Plan For Victoria Neuman?

Adopting a baby simply to have a loyal political pawn appears quite excessive when Vought can (and doubtless does) bribe a couple of congress members with chilly onerous money. Additionally, Neuman’s campaigning certainly induced Vought some PR complications – was it well worth the problem? Furthermore, The Boys season 3 implies nobody at Vought is aware of the reality about Victoria Neuman however Stan Edgar himself. Not one of the Seven know, Ashley stays at midnight, and if Madelyn Stillwell did know then she doesn’t any extra.

All indicators counsel Stan has a bigger design for Neuman identified solely to themselves, however a possible clue may lie in The Boys season 3’s premiere. Edgar tells Robert Singer how he intends Vought to go away the superhero enterprise altogether, and give attention to pharma and protection as an alternative. This looks like an unattainable objective, however possibly having a secret daughter in congress may assist grease these wheels. If Neuman can get V-24 authorised for navy use, Vought can have extra money than Gunpowder does firearms, and the necessity for overgrown imbeciles like Homelander could be over. That’d definitely clarify why Edgar is completely happy sufficient for Victoria to publicly discredit his superheroes.

Trying additional forward, it appears solely pure that if Edgar adopted a baby to make them a politician, he most likely expects mentioned baby to develop into president finally. When providing Starlight co-captaincy of the Seven in The Boys season 3, Edgar explains how actual energy isn’t superhuman skills, however the means to affect others. What better affect might he have than President Victoria Neuman within the Oval Workplace doing her dad’s bidding?

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