Jamie Kennedy’s “Fortunate” Is One Of Prison Minds’ Most Disturbing Killers

His strategies included carving pentagrams onto victims’ our bodies, and considered one of his infamous acts noticed him serve meat from a lacking sufferer to the volunteers who have been searching for her. Jamie Kennedy’s Prison Minds killer additionally had an ego about his crimes, which included force-feeding the fingers of 1 sufferer to a different so the authorities would know after the latter’s physique was recovered that she wasn’t the primary sufferer. Kennedy’s eerie calm as Ferell can also be what makes the character linger, as whereas he might not be as prolific as different unsubs from Prison Minds, it’s the sadistic pleasure he took in his actions that actually unsettle.

Tremors: A Chilly Day In Hell’s Jamie Kennedy later reprised the killer for Prison Minds season 13 within the episode “Fortunate Strikes.” This noticed the BAU cross paths with Ferell once more, who was by no means despatched to trial for his actions however as an alternative institutionalized. Whereas it seems a copycat may be recreating “Fortunate’s” crimes, the ending reveals he supervised one other killer named Manning to commit the murders as an alternative. Ferell was incarcerated once more on the finish of this Prison Minds outing, however whereas a revival collection is in improvement, it feels unlikely the BAU will encounter the killer as soon as once more.

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