Jeepers Creepers: The True Crime That Impressed The Horror Film Defined

Is Jeepers Creepers Actual?

In 1990, Michigan resident Dennis DePue was the goal of a police manhunt after he murdered his spouse and disposed of her physique behind an deserted faculty home. Totally different parts of the case have been added to the fictionalized narrative of Salva’s story, and whereas the film continues to be too unusual to be thought of near an actual account, the DePue case definitely leaves an impression on the Jeepers Creepers franchise.

Ray and Marie Thornton, a brother and sister, (like Darry and Trish) have been eyewitnesses who noticed DePue dumping his spouse’s carcass, with their sworn testimony the first supply materials for Jeepers Creepers’ true crime-based story. As in Jeepers Creepers, the true Thorntons said they noticed DePue disposing of a physique, earlier than he turned and observed them of their automobile. They testify DePue then proceeded to tail them in his van for a number of miles, mirroring the taut chase scene in Jeepers Creepers. A 1991 episode of Unsolved Mysteries covers the DePue case in nice element, with the piece by piece re-enactment of the Thorntons’ story presenting eerily equally to the corresponding Jeepers Creepers scenes.

Dennis DePue’s actual crimes don’t need to be memorialized, with the heinous homicide of his spouse spawning a manhunt that will in the end finish in DePue’s loss of life. Maybe then, for this reason Salva added a number of fictional parts to the Jeepers Creepers film, reimagining DePue’s nefarious aura as The Creeper: a terrifying winged creature described by film residents as a “bat out of hell“. Whereas the reality behind the movie stays a darkish story of infidelity and evil rationale, Jeepers Creepers blends these wholly human parts right into a supernatural story which retains the creeping chill of the true crime on which it was constructed.

Different Basic Horrors Primarily based On True Crime

It’s no secret that there are many basic horror motion pictures impressed by disturbing, real-life crimes. One notable instance of that is the notorious story of assassin Ed Gein, a Wisconsin native who was lastly arrested in 1957. When police searched his farm, proof of grisly, heinous crimes was found – together with human pores and skin pulled over lampshades and furnishings, collections of physique elements, and the physique of a girl who was field-dressed like a deer. Given this, it is sensible that there are horror motion pictures impressed by serial killer Ed Gein, however the carnage and deviance don’t cease there. Along with a number of confirmed and suspected kills, Gein additionally confessed to having illegally exhumed our bodies from cemeteries for his nefarious functions and is even reported to have created a swimsuit of ladies’s pores and skin after his mom’s loss of life so he may gown up like her. These surprising crimes impressed a number of now-classic horror flicks, corresponding to 1991’s Silence Of The Lambs, the Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath franchise, in addition to Alfred Hitchcock’s groundbreaking 1960 thriller Psycho and its lesser-known sequels. The entire movies’ protagonists are clearly based mostly, partly, on totally different features of Gein’s crimes.

One other well-known horror film that includes materials based mostly on a real story is 1973’s The Exorcist, which led to sequels of its personal. The movie’s demonic possession and subsequent exorcism makes an attempt mirror the story of Ronald Hunkeler (who was previously known as “Roland Doe” by the press till his title was revealed a long time later). On the time of his exorcisms in 1949, Hunkeler was 14-years-old and allegedly skilled a possession considerably just like the movie’s fictional character of younger Regan MacNeil. As all the aforementioned movies (and plenty of, many extra) show, Jeepers Creepers definitely isn’t the one horror flick to be loosely based mostly on harrowing, but true, tales of crime and/or utter spookiness.

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