Learn the opening pages of Dragons of Deceit, the primary new Dragonlance novel in additional than a decade

The beloved Dragonlance sequence returns this summer time with Dragons of Deceit, the primary guide in a brand new trilogy of Dungeons & Dragons novels by creators Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Polygon sat down with the pair lately to debate the guide and the franchise they helped deliver to life almost 40 years in the past. We will additionally share an unique excerpt — the primary few pages from quantity one of many Dragonlance Destinies sequence.

Dragons of Deceit begins removed from the woods of Solace and focuses on a household that has possible by no means even heard of Otik and his legendary spiced potatoes. Its principal character, Destina Rosethorn, comes from a noble lineage that makes its residence far to the north within the land of Solamnia — quickly to be the entrance strains within the coming Conflict of the Lance.

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“The great factor, I believe, in regards to the Rosethorns,” Hickman informed Polygon in an interview over Zoom, “is that they signify a totally completely different view of this warfare in that they’re proper in the midst of it. This isn’t one thing that’s taking place in a really distant place. That is their residence. That is their life.”

“The gorgeous and predictive future I believe that Destina has […] is totally damaged by these exterior forces and occasions,” he continued. “Dragons of Deceit may be very a lot about this concept that the future we predict for ourselves will not be the future that awaits us, and the way will we cope with that actually crushing disappointment that that represents.”

Destina won’t be alone on her journey by the land of Krynn, a indisputable fact that was made clear in late 2021 with the reveal of Dragons of Deceit’s cowl by artist Philipp Urlich. The noblewoman stands proudly within the heart of the body, flanked by none aside from Tasslehoff Burrfoot — one in all Dragonlance’s unique Companions. To her left is a brand new character, a mysterious dwarf named Wolfstone from the dominion of Thorbardin. Behind them stands the equally mysterious copper dragon named Saber.

A synopsis of Dragons of Deceit was launched a number of weeks in the past and confirms that point journey will play an element within the narrative. Followers of the unique novels will little question acknowledge the System of Time Journeying, which performed a central function within the Dragonlance Legends trilogy amongst others. Each Weis and Hickman commented on the ability that point journey supplies them as storytellers.

“I believe the wonderful thing about time journey is the exploration of what if,” Hickman mentioned. “‘For all unhappy phrases of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: It might need been!’ I believe that, intrinsically, the concept of What may have occurred? What might need occurred if we made completely different decisions? If various things had occurred? What future would we have now?

“It permits you to discover depths of the characters that in any other case you wouldn’t get,” Weis added with a hearty giggle, “as a result of nothing ever goes easy. Everytime you’re coping with time journey and supernatural, magical issues like that, you’re all the time tempting destiny.”

Not way back, the way forward for this new Dragonlance trilogy was itself doubtful. Weis and Hickman filed a $10 million lawsuit in opposition to Wizards of the Coast, which owns the Dragonlance mental property, within the fall of 2020 alleging breach of contract. That swimsuit was settled within the winter of 2021, paving the best way for the Dragonlance Destinies trilogy to proceed to publication.

“My working relationship with Wizards of the Coast was simply wonderful,” Weis informed Polygon, emphasizing that she was in the end given the artistic freedom to write down the guide she and Hickman wished to write down.

“I believe that all of it comes out right here in the long run,” Hickman added. “The story that we have now informed is the story that we got down to inform, and it was the story that we actually, very a lot wished to deliver to our followers and to the individuals who love Dragonlance. So, for us, the result actually couldn’t have been higher.”

A brand new D&D journey guide, titled Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, can be in improvement at Wizards. Weis and Hickman performed no function in its writing or design. Dragons of Deceit comes out Aug. 2 and shall be obtainable at native booksellers and on-line. The writing duo add that the manuscript for the third and closing novel within the trilogy has been accomplished and is within the first rounds of modifying with their writer, Penguin Random Home.

Destina joined her father and mom within the photo voltaic after the noon meal. The photo voltaic was essentially the most nice room within the citadel, for the afternoon solar shone by the quite a few home windows, lighting it and filling it with heat.

Atieno was in notably good spirits. Amongst her individuals, a lady attained womanhood on the age of fifteen.

Gregory joined them, bearing a wood field containing his present. He grew extra cheerful, as he all the time did when he was in his spouse’s presence. He kissed her and wished her pleasure of the day she had given him his daughter, his happiness.

“What’s my present, Mama?” Destina requested.

Atieno offered Destina with a golden chain.

“Gold for the solar, for the sheaf of wheat, for the leaves in autumn,” mentioned Atieno. “Gold for the goddess of the yellow star.”

Destina was to not be lured into extra dialogue of gods that didn’t exist. She hung the chain round her neck and thanked her mom.

Gregory offered his daughter together with his present: a silver chalice embellished with a kingfisher motif. The kingfisher chook, with its shiny blue-sky and orange-fire plumage, had been chosen because the mascot for the knights by Vinus Solamnus, their founder. The kingfisher symbolized braveness and hope, for it was mentioned that on the day of the creation of the world, the daring kingfisher was the primary chook who dared to take flight.

“On your hope chest, Daughter,” mentioned Gregory.

“Papa, thanks! That is lovely.” Destina flung her arms round her father’s neck and kissed him.

Gregory embraced her after which poured wine for himself and his spouse to have a good time.

A lavish map featuring dragon-themed illuminations at the border.

An all new map of Ansalon, simply a part of the bigger world of Krynn.

Picture: Jared Blando

“Please, Papa, just a bit for me in my new chalice?” Destina begged. “In spite of everything, Mama says that I’m a girl in the present day.”

She held out the chalice, and Gregory poured a number of swallows of purple wine from the pitcher into the cup. Gregory and Atieno drank a toast to their daughter. Destina replied with due to her dad and mom for giving her life and sipped the wine, admiring the chalice as she did so, turning it round and round in her hand. When she had completed, she handed the cup to her mom.

“You will need to inform my future within the dregs, Mama,” Destina mentioned.

Atieno gazed into the chalice the place the lees had sunk to the underside.

“What do you see, Mama?” Destina requested.

To her astonishment, Atieno gave a cry of horror and flung the chalice away from her. The silver cup hit the stone flooring with a convincing clang and rolled beneath a chest.

Atieno made a warding gesture together with her hand and muttered a number of phrases that Destina didn’t perceive and presumed have been what her mom termed “magic.” Atieno then jumped from her chair and ran from the room.

Gregory stared after her in concern. “What’s improper along with your mom? What did she say?”

“It appears Mama noticed a nasty omen within the dregs, and I consider she spoke a magic appeal to thrust back evil.”

“What was the omen about?” Gregory requested.

“I . . . um . . . couldn’t actually perceive her,” mentioned Destina. “I’ll go communicate to her.”

She went seeking her mom and located Atieno on the window in her bedchamber, gazing out on the shiny blue sky above and burnished orange leaves beneath.

“Come have a look at the stunning colours, Destina. They’re the colours of the kingfisher. Blue above and orange beneath.”

Destina was not keen on kingfishers or the colours of autumn. The Measure prohibited the assumption in omens and portents, and Destina tried to obey, however she had so many questions and never one of many thirty-seven volumes of the Measure may reply them.

Atieno continued to gaze out the window. Destina noticed tears on her mom’s cheeks, and she or he grew much more frightened. Destina had by no means in her life seen her mom cry.

“Mama, what did you see within the dregs?” Destina demanded.

“How can we face what’s coming?” Atineo requested. “How can we bear it?”

She turned to face Destina and mentioned softly, “My poor youngster . . .”

Destina took refuge within the Measure. “Mama, bear in mind what the Measure says: ‘Paladine forges the sword, however man chooses the best way to wield it.’ Meaning every particular person is liable for what she or he does on this life. The Measure additionally warns: ‘Belief not the soothsayer, for his phrases are lies to snare the unwary.’”

“And my individuals say: ‘The wolf is born to kill. The sheep is born to be killed,’” Atieno mentioned, fixing her with shimmering darkish eyes.

“Mama, please inform me what you noticed within the chalice!” Destina mentioned desperately.

“Deliver the chalice to me,” mentioned Atieno. “I’ll present you.”

Destina hurried to the photo voltaic to fetch the chalice. She needed to get down on her palms and knees to retrieve it from beneath a chest. She returned to her mom and held it out to her.

Atieno recoiled, refusing to the touch it.

“Look into it, Daughter, and inform me what you see.”

“Mom, you understand I by no means see something besides dregs,” Destina protested.

“In the event you see, look!” Atieno insisted.

A sunrise over what appears to be The Inn of Last Home, with a dwarf, human, kender, and a dragon standing in the foreground.

Picture: Philipp Urlich

Destina sighed and peered into the cup, and this time she noticed that the dregs had fashioned a recognizable sample. She laughed and mentioned earlier than she thought, “Isn’t that humorous, Mama. The lees are within the form of a dragon. See, right here is the tail and the top and the wings . . .”

She heard a strangled gasp and regarded up at her mom. The blood had drained from Atieno’s face and lips, leaving her brown pores and skin grey and leaden. “You noticed the dragon! The identical omen. I hoped I is perhaps improper, however you verify it!”

“Mama, you’re scary me,” mentioned Destina. “I noticed the form of a dragon. These are nothing however lees, the dregs, lifeless yeast. Right here, I’ll present you!”

She dipped her index finger into the chalice and ran it across the inside. The dragon disappeared, staining her finger purple. Destina lifted her finger to point out her mom.

“There, Mama. You needn’t fear. The lifeless yeast is gone and so is the dragon.”

Atieno stared in horror on the purple blotch on Destina’s finger. Then she sank right into a chair, wanting so in poor health that Destina shouted for her father.

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