Lightyear’s New Trailer Simply Settled That Emperor Zurg Debate

However this isn’t the primary time Zurg has been ignored as Buzz’s father. to Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear In Season 1, Episode 41, “Stranger Invasion,” Zurg instructed Buzz that he was his father, however did so to distract him with a foolish punch, after which mocked him for believing it. Comics aren’t the usual toy story Even early within the franchise, the concept that Zerg was Buzz’s father wasn’t taken severely.

Buzz’s father, Zurg, is a basic a part of Buzz. toy story The guts of the franchise is simply the scene through which this line was born. Star Wars: Episode V Empire Strikes Again. like this mild 12 months Whenever you attempt to discuss severely toy story The spinoff gained’t hold the joke alive. It’s nonetheless not not possible that Zurg might one way or the other be Buzz’s father, however given the way in which the story is structured it makes extra sense that he doesn’t intend to be linked in any method besides that the characters are enemies.

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