Ms. Marvel’s Powers Are Not Precisely Comedian-Correct, Says Kevin Feige

Within the unique comedian sequence, Ms. Marvel has Inhuman DNA that grants her particular skills following contact with the Terrigen Mist that enveloped New York Metropolis and the larger metropolitan space. Though Inhumans have been launched into the MCU with a quick eight-episode present in 2017, the circumstances that will result in Kamala buying her powers have but to happen. In consequence, the Ms. Marvel sequence would wish a brand new motive behind the origins of her powers.

Latest promotional supplies have advised that Kamala obtains her powers via particular bangles enhanced with cosmic vitality, an heirloom that’s handed down via generations inside her household. Though the hero’s origins will not be the identical as within the comedian books, the bangles should still be comic-inspired as they appear to be just like Nega-Bands, golden Kree bracelets that granted powers to earlier model of Captain Marvel within the comics. Whether or not or not Kamala’s powers are precisely as portrayed within the comics, Feige guarantees that they continue to be true in-spirit to the character within the upcoming Ms. Marvel sequence.

Supply: Empire

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