Murderer’s Creed Odyssey romance information: The best way to discover all of the lovers in Greece

This information to Murderer’s Creed Odyssey romance will present you all of the individuals you may sleep with within the recreation. Sorry to be blunt however that’s the reason you’re right here isn’t? To seek out out who you may bang and the way.  The excellent news is there’s a lot. And whereas some will drop their robes on the merest breeze, there are just a few suitors in Murderer’s Creed Odyssey you must work for, with missions of various size. You’ll additionally get the Aphrodite’s Embrace achievement / trophy, and play via a number of the finest bits within the recreation. It’s a win throughout. 

**Warning: There are delicate story / location spoilers past this level**

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Listed below are all of the Murderer’s Creed Odyssey romance choices that we’ve discovered, and if we discover any extra lurking within the nooks and crannies of Historic Greece (wahey), we’ll replace this information:


Mission 1: A Small Odyssey
Discovered: Odysseus’s Palace in Ithaka

In a cage to the east of Odysseus’s Palace, you’ll discover Odessa needing rescue. You’ll should escort her to security, then to the palace itself, and finally to her boat, at which level you’ll have the ability to discuss and flirt a bit. Don’t fear if you happen to annoy her right here, since you’ll have the ability to construct bridges in a while whenever you meet her once more. 

Mission 2: A Household Ordeal
Discovered: A small, unnamed, farm to the east of Megara, Valley of King Lelex in Megaris

Seems that Odessa’s little odyssey has taken her again house to take care of her sick father. She wants you to assemble some herbs and a combination from a service provider as a result of she couldn’t probably depart him on his personal. When you’ve accomplished all that, return to her and also you’ll discover her being attacked by some bandits. Flirt your option to the following mission. 

Mission 3: A True Story
Discovered: Odessa’s farm to the east of Megara, Valley of King Lelex in Megaris

Odessa is being linked to the Chief and it’s as much as you to learn the way, by heading over to the Chief Home in Megara and looking for clues. When you’ve discovered all of them, head again to her for a horny reward. 


Mission 1: Oil and Love
Discovered: Perikles residence, Higher Athens, Attika

On the path to discovering your mom in the primary storyline, you’ll should attend a celebration being thrown by Perikles in Athens. One specific fellow that you must get some data from is known as Alkibiades. Now, he’s fairly the character, and truthfully if you’d like some romance in your murderer’s life, there are few funnier and extra memorable than this man. Particularly as a result of all of it begins with a goat. Significantly. 

Earlier than he begins speaking, you’ll must fetch Alkibiades some oil, and I’m certain you may guess what he wants it for. Return to his chambers and he’ll gladly take the oil from you, but in addition allow you to in on the social gathering if you wish to. And clearly you do, as a result of he’s hilariously sensible. 

And there you go, romance and a goat. Fortunately, you may meet Alkibiades a number of extra occasions throughout your story, and even spend just a few extra cheeky nights – or afternoons – with him. 


Mission: Age is Only a Quantity
Discovered: Temple of Apollo, Grand Mount Parnassos, Phokis

Now this one may not attraction to everybody, but when a feisty older woman is extra your model then that you must search out Auxesia. She’s lurking want the Temple of Apollo and desires your assist to supply some substances for a love potion to make her getting old husband need to bang her once more. She wants a deer’s tongue and a bear’s scrotum – as you do – to make her magic. 

Effectively truly, it seems, there’s an choice the place all she wants is you – a lot to the aid of her husband – so head on again and clear your schedule.


Mission 1: Serving to a Healer
Discovered: The Chora of Delphi, Sacred Lands of Apollo, Phokis

Oh Odyssey you little satan, enjoying on our physician/affected person naughty fantasies. Lykaon is a little bit of a good-looking satan, all curls and sweetness marks who additionally occurs to be an extremely respectable human being. Not solely will this aspect quest get you some male love, however you additionally discover out some extra about Kassandra’s / Alexios’ backstory too, which could break your coronary heart a bit.

Lykaon wants your assist discovering some mandrake herbs, which he’ll then parcel up so that you can ship to numerous villagers across the Chora of Delphi. Seems he’s quite pretty, but in addition very alone. (Not for lengthy, wink wink, nudge nudge), however that’s due to his grandmother, who occurs to be the exact same oracle that instructed your dad to drop you and your sibling off the aspect of a cliff. 

Mission 2: Sins of the Previous
Discovered: Observe Lykaon after you assist him with the herbs, or at a small home to the west of the Chora of Delphi, Sacred Lands of Apollo, Phokis

Shock, grandma’s been kidnapped by some “unusual males”, which you’ll uncover when you’ve investigated her home. Carry on flirting with physician boy when you’re doing it.

Mission 3: The Unkindest Minimize
Discovered: Given to you when you’ve completed Sins of the Previous

You need to assist Lykaon rescue his grandma, Praxithea, from the close by Farmhouse to the west of the Sacred Lands of Apollo. Go in, kill all of the dudes there, free her, after which escort her to security. It’s right here that all of it will get a bit “I’m sorry, what?”, however relaxation assured that in any case that drama, all Lykaon desires to do is ‘chill’ with you. 

Kyra / Thelatas 

Mission 1: Bother in Paradise
Discovered: Given to you by Barnabas throughout the story

Heading over to Mykonos means you can begin the most effective sidequests in Murderer’s Creed Odyssey. This multi-part sidequest includes two key characters – Kyra and Thelatas – each of that are potential romance alternatives. 

First although, you’ve received to search out their hideouts. There’s one in a cave beneath town, which you’ll entry by way of the large nicely simply to the proper of the Tavern in Mykonos Metropolis. 

It’s right here that you just’ll first meet Kyra, the insurgent to Thelatas’s Spartan stylish. She asks in your assist with a person known as Poldarkes, who’s been terrorising Mykonos. She’ll ask you to comply with her to assist take out some Athenians on the seashore, which is the place you’ll meet her lover boy – or your future lover boy – earlier than returning to their hideout. 

It’s right here that you just’ll have to select between siding with Kyra or Thelatas, and that may have an effect on your romance choices. Selecting Kyra mainly means you’re limiting your choices to her – though she is superb – however with Thelatas there may be the choice of being with each. 

For now, I’ve solely accomplished the Kyra line, however we’ll replace this information with the Thelatas choice at a later date. 

Kyra Mission 2: Kyra with a Trigger
Discovered: Given to you after Bother in Paradise is accomplished

Should you choose Kyra, she’s going to process you with going to Delos to destroy Athenian Battle Provides and weaponry. However whenever you return, that’s when the romance actually begins, regardless that she’s with Thelatas.  

Kyra Mission 3: Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Cash
Discovered: Exterior Porphyrion Cave, Tavern Level, Mykonos

Subsequent up we’re hitting Poldarkes the place it hurts – his pockets – by looting the nation chest with Kyra. Nonetheless, it’s the chat afterwards the place issues actually get harmful… within the flirting division.

Kyra Mission 4: The Goddess of the Hunt
Discovered: Exterior Porphyrion Cave, Tavern Level, Mykonos

Now it’s only a case of going to search out Kyra once more, heading off on a bit hunt to kill some ibexes after which lastly letting the romance occur. What a magical second. 


Mission: Not my Mom’s Daughter
Discovered: Temple of Athens in Sparta, Lakonia

A mom wants you to show her annoyed Spartan daughter easy methods to be a greater lady, so that you’re going to coach her. Beginning with operating, though she’s not precisely eager. Flirt your option to the race. After you’ve run, return and discuss to her to start out a horse race. Once more flirt you option to reasoning along with her, and off you trot. 

When you’ve raced, it’s all concerning the romance. She is aware of a particular place with a view that she desires to indicate you, so simply comply with her there to be able to end her, err, coaching. 


Mission 1: An Actor’s Life for Me
Discovered: Perikles’ residence, in Athens, Attika

If you wish to get a bit theatrical with a fling with a muse, you’ll must go on fairly the journey beforehand. Close to the beginning of Chapter 8 within the story (so fairly the trek via the primary odyssey line), you’ll get a quest known as An Actor’s Life for Me, which asks you to talk to Aristophanes, who’s attempting to placed on a play to ridicule Kleon. Seems his star actor, Thespis, is lacking, and naturally it’s as much as you to go discover him. 

Head on over to Thespis’ home, the place you’ll must do a little bit of detective work to find what’s occurred to him. He’s down on the tavern being pressured to drink, poor fellow. You’ll should repay – or in any other case eliminate his guard – after which, after you’ve carried his drunk ass house, Thespis will reveal that he wants his muse to be able to carry out. Right here we go!  

Mission 2: A-musing Story
Discovered: Given to you by Thespis after ending An Actor’s Life for Me

Head on over to the Home of Aphrodite the place you’ll discover Aikaterine lounging on a blanket, very muse-like. And though the dialog mainly jumps straight into suggestive discuss, earlier than you can begin flirting, she desires you to take out the Commander who’s threatening her life.

Rhexenor occurs to even be a Cultist, so put together your self for a little bit of a slog to kill him, all his males and get his dagger. However whenever you’ve accomplished all that, head again to Aikaterine to be suitably rewarded.  


Mission 1: Sparring with Roxana
Discovered: Settlement west of Hermit’s Summit within the Thermal Springs, Hydrea

While you first meet Roxanna, she’s in coaching for a giant combat known as the Battle of 100 Fingers. She desires you to coach along with her, so to show your mettle you should spar along with her. There’s a bit room for flirting, however then it’s straight onto the following problem. Archery.

Mission 2: Archery Observe
Discovered: Rolls straight on from Sparring with Roxana

Straight into some archery with Roxana we go, preventing off a pack of wolves on the volcanic seashore. Flirt like heck in direction of the tip, then put together your self for a run.

Mission 3: Foot Race
Discovered: Given to you after ending Archery Observe

It’s all concerning the flirt from right here on, however you’ll have to run to the highest of the mountain earlier than you may get a bit slice of Roxana. However when you do, it’s romance from there on up on Lover’s Leap. 

If you would like, you may meet up with Roxana once more and truly take part within the combat, however that’s it for the romance I’m afraid.


Mission 1: The Daughters of Artemis
Discovered: On the Temple of Artemis within the Sacred Lands of Apollo, Phokis

This one is a little bit of an advanced one as there’s a complete multi-part sidequest that you just’ll want to finish to be able to get your nookie. You’ll truly have the ability to get her quest pretty early on, because it’s known as the Daughters of Artemis quest line. 

Step one will see Daphnae asking you to go and kill the large Kalydonian boar within the northern a part of the Sacred Lands of Apollo, who sends plenty of smaller boar to assault you when you combat him – not annoying in any respect

Mission 2: The Goddesses’ Hunt
Discovered: Given to you by Daphnae

Take again the pelt to her and he or she’ll offer you not one, however seven quests, asking you to kill numerous legendary beasts and return the pelts to her:

  • The Hind of Keryneia (degree 16)
  • The Nemean Lion (degree 22)
  • The Kretan Bull (degree 33)
  • Kallisto the Bear (degree 37)
  • The Erymanthian Boar (degree 38)
  • The Lykaon Wolf (degree 38)
  • The Krokottas Hyena (degree 39)

Work your means up the extent ranks, kill all of those creatures and return to her every time and also you’ll have the ability to flirt your option to kisses, however sadly that’s all you’re going to get. If you wish to discover out what you get as an alternative, you’re going to have to complete the hunt for your self. #spoilers  


Mission: A Pirate’s Life for Me
Discovered: Temple of Athena Nedousia in Pirate’s Revenge, Keos

When you’ve accomplished the primary story quest with Xenia, a brand new questline will open up, which has a shiny trophy / achievement on the finish for finishing. You’ll want to search out quite a few objects utilizing treasure maps and different clues, and belief me, it’s fairly the labour intensive mission. 

We’ve received a full information to the Murderer’s Creed Odyssey Xenia questline so we gained’t define it right here, however simply ensure that to decide on the romance dialogue choice as a lot as you may all through the hunt so as to have the ability to see her non-public assortment of trinkets on the finish.  

The Blacksmith

Mission 1: Household Values
Discovered: Within the metropolis of Opous, within the northeast of Pink Lake Bay in Lokris

Hilariously, this specific conquest isn’t even necessary sufficient to be given a reputation, other than merely “The Blacksmith”. The mission begins with assembly a person known as Supideo (you may guess his intelligence degree), who has locked himself in a cage as a result of the Oracle foretold that he would kill his father. He asks you to fetch the sword that he left with the Blacksmith, and it looks like one of many solely methods to get it again is to have intercourse with him… after fetching some flowers that may repair his personal ‘sword’ first thoughts you. 

This one feels a bit seedy, I’m not going to lie.

Mission 2: Confiscated
Discovered: Given to you after you come back the sword to Supideo

There’s no extra romance from right here on, however it’s price persevering with this little aspect quest simply to listen to the road:

“You killed his mom and f*cked his pater”.

I truthfully almost spat out my tea. 

Artificial: Vik Information

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