Star Trek: Picard’s TNG Cameo Fixes A 30-Yr Mistake

Wesley Crusher’s return successfully retcons Star Trek: Nemesis, which implied the controversial teenager had resumed his Starfleet profession. Boomeranging proper again to Starfleet service represented a disappointing finish in comparison with strolling the traces between actuality with The Traveler. By reverting again to Wesley’s authentic ending from Star Trek: The Subsequent TechnologyStar Trek: Picard fixes that error, restoring Wesley Crusher’s mystical significance slightly than leaving him as simply one other Starfleet officer we by no means heard from once more.

One other main Wesley Crusher repair in Star Trek: Picard issues his improved persona. On the Enterprise-D, Wesley proved extremely troublesome to love, however when he tells Kore about how a misplaced joke as soon as modified a century’s price of historical past – all whereas grimacing in awkwardness – that’s Wil Wheaton’s affable allure poking by means of. Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology not often allowed Wesley such moments of brevity, and it’s a disgrace it took reworking into an interdimensional patrolman to coax these qualities out.

When Star Trek: Picard season 3 was confirmed to embrace fan favorites from Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology, Wesley Crusher’s absence didn’t go unnoticed on-line – a glowing endorsement of his Star Trek reevaluation. Omitting Wesley from the reunion would’ve been a obvious error, however dropping his cameo a season early offers Wesley Crusher the Star Trek closure he deserves.

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