Star Wars Confirms 3 Legends Jedi Are Canon (& Survived Order 66)

Djinn Altis has a number of appearances and mentions in Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando novels and the Castilla Ming novel trilogy, along with his Jedi splinter group, the Altisian Jedi, permitting him and his college students to outlive Order 66 by working alongside clone troopers. Altis himself is believed to have died on Dathomir, probably working afoul of the planet’s darkish side-using people, the Nightsisters. His Jedi faction, nonetheless, had a robust affect on the New Jedi Order, because it burdened vital pondering, remaining near the unusual beings of the galaxy, and allowed each marriages and potential Jedi to hitch his faction at any age. His existence in canon, due to this fact, means that the Altisian Jedi may additionally have a canon counterpart.

Roganda Ismaren is the antagonist of the 1995 novel Youngsters of the Jedi, having served as an Emperor’s Hand earlier than Palpatine’s closing loss of life. Since Emperor’s Arms aren’t fairly the identical in canon as they’re in Legends, the canon model of Ismaren would probably be an Inquisitor if she falls to the darkish facet and joins the Empire. The Legends model of Ismaren was born the identical 12 months because the Clone Wars’ onset, so she should be a baby in canon and never a fully-trained darkish facet consumer fairly but.

In Legends, Valin Halcyon survived the Jedi Purge by severing ties with the Jedi Order and altering his identify to Hal Horn, and his unique identify displaying up on Tala’s workshop wall means that he’s already evaded the Empire in canon. If so, Hal Horn might seem in a future canon story if it takes place on Corellia, and maybe his son, Corran, turns into one in every of Luke’s college students in canon (which might, sadly, doom him to die by the hands of Kylo Ren). Like the opposite two Order 66 survivors, Valin Halcyon has a wealthy historical past within the Legends continuity that the Obi-Wan Kenobi sequence references in canon.

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