The way forward for Star Wars is the Skywalkers — simply not in the best way you’d assume

The Star Wars franchise is consistently producing a stream of worthwhile new merchandising and materials, together with video video games, novels, comics, and animated exhibits. However the movie and TV aspect of Star Wars feels prefer it’s struggling. Over the previous 5 years, Disney has repeatedly introduced plans for new motion pictures, then unceremoniously canceled them or simply saved them silently back-burnered. Disney Plus’ latest Star Wars live-action exhibits hold promising new instructions for the franchise, then pulling again and mixing messages. There’s no clear imaginative and prescient or coherent narrative route for the display screen variations of the franchise, despite the fact that they’re essentially the most seen and mainstream a part of Star Wars. All people appears to need one thing totally different out of this grand, sprawling story.

So Polygon is gathering some ideas concerning the franchise’s future below the unfastened banner of What We Need From Star Wars. These opinion essays lay out what we love concerning the Star Wars universe, and the place we hope it’ll go sooner or later … or a very long time in the past in a galaxy far, distant.

On the finish of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker — the (appropriately) maligned closing entry within the multi-decade, nine-film storyline that made up the spine of the Star Wars collection — Drive-wielding protagonist Rey (Daisy Ridley) visits the desert planet Tatooine. She visits the abandoned farm that used to belong to original-trilogy Star Wars characters Owen and Beru and their whiny nephew, Luke Skywalker. She ceremoniously packages up the lightsabers of the galaxy’s biggest twins, Luke and Princess Leia Organa, and symbolically buries them. Moments later, a passerby asks her to determine herself. Staring on the Drive ghosts of Luke and Leia, with John Williams’ iconic music swelling behind her, she responds that she is Rey. Rey Skywalker.

Within the theater the place I noticed Rise of Skywalker, your entire theater groaned at this response. Possibly folks groaned in each theater exhibiting the movie. Lots of the viewers in my crowd might not have meant to exhale a sound of disgust, however it was involuntary; they heard the road, and ughhhhh. By no means thoughts the remainder of the various obvious points with J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio’s slipshod script. In a single motion, Rey damns Luke and Leia to be remembered on Tatooine — a planet that was a cage of boredom for him, and for her, nothing in any respect. And given Rey’s minimal significant contact with the Skywalkers, her try to take up their mantle felt gross and unearned. However it does have worth — in the event you select to learn it in a very totally different manner than Abrams and Terrio meant it, as a press release of goal for the place Star Wars might go.

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That second was meant as a wink and a nod for the viewers, a cute little bow to tie up the trilogy of Star Wars trilogies. However Abrams and Terrio had been demanding an emotional payoff with out doing an oz of the setup. It’s troublesome to skim over the truth that for most individuals on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker is a nonentity at worst, and at finest, a people story, a legendary hero who embodies the battle towards a cartoonish evil. Rey calling herself a Skywalker most likely meant as a lot to that passerby as somebody calling themselves a Bunyan.

It’s laborious to parse the meant emotional influence of this scene, as Abrams spent many of the movie rolling again Rian Johnson’s most fascinating concepts from The Final Jedi whereas stringing collectively a bare-bones story filled with spectacle and never a lot else. As Rey stands with rolling droid BB-8, silhouetted towards the dual suns of Tatooine, The Rise of Skywalker’s synthetic symmetry is a part of a determined try to make the viewers really feel one thing, and see this story as extra intentionally designed than it truly was. With a bit extra planning and energy, it’s attainable that this second really might’ve measured as much as half a century of storytelling, as a result of Abrams’ impulse isn’t solely unsuitable right here. Rey is a Skywalker — simply not in the best way Abrams wishes.

There’s a greater context for calling Rey a Skywalker, and it doesn’t imply connecting her lineage to Luke and Leia’s. It’s time for the Kennedy household of a galaxy far, distant to step away from the limelight. “Skywalker” can be higher used as a reputation to seek advice from the motion of warriors that ought to substitute the Jedi, a confederacy of problem-solvers and heroes who’ve realized from their ineffectual predecessors learn how to keep away from their binary classifications of fine and evil, and learn how to keep away from being beholden to guidelines. Midi-chlorians and Drive sensitivity wouldn’t be necessities to hitch this theoretical Skywalker conclave — members would simply want an excellent coronary heart and a will to work towards optimistic change. With no main doctrine or hierarchy, the Skywalkers ought to act independently on their quests to be the subsequent technology of peacekeepers all through the galaxy.

Some followers may assume it sounds merciless to demand that the Jedi Order should die for Star Wars to reside. However give it some thought: What good have they completed currently? By the point of the prequel trilogy, the Jedi are gone their heyday. With the glory days of the Excessive Republic behind them, the Jedi Council is successfully a bunch of gatekeeping politicians who occur to have laser swords. They could swing these swords at droids or Sith sometimes, however many of the Jedi’s issues solely exist as a result of their complacency made them blind to the hazards inside their very own ranks.

Even Anakin, the prophesied destroyer of the Sith, goes over to the Darkish Facet as a result of the Jedi refuse to assist quell his fears — Yoda mainly tells him to meditate and settle for Padmé’s dying as a result of it’s fated, and in addition no huge deal within the cosmic scheme of issues. Not one of the best ways to assist somebody who’s terrified to lose their sole cherished one, is it?

Hayden Christensen as Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, in super-dramatic “totally going over to the Dark Side” lighting

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney

The concept the Jedi Order should finish for the Star Wars story to maneuver ahead isn’t significantly novel. Rian Johnson crafted a complete movie across the premise of letting the previous go and killing it if it’s a must to. Adore it or hate it, The Final Jedi was the primary, and up to now solely, movie to reckon with the Jedi’s failures and posit that one thing new should substitute them.

Very like the Jedi who surrounded his father, Luke started to conflate the Order’s guidelines and writings with its philosophy. His worry and strict adherence to an historic code nearly led him to kill Ben Solo, setting off many of the drama and trauma of the franchise’s third trilogy. His second of weak point serves as his biggest failure, a regretful burden that forces him into isolation on Ahch-To. However as Yoda gently informs Luke, failure isn’t at all times a foul factor; it permits alternative for development.

This capability for development from defeat is what ought to separate the Skywalkers from the Jedi. Rey is the right determine to discovered and lead a Skywalker council, not as a result of she educated with Luke and Leia, however as a result of she understands the determined have to reform the Jedi into one thing new. She’s seen the toll that the outdated methods took on Luke, how his need to restart the Jedi Order imploded when he started to view good and evil as inescapable paths. His downfall is his obsession with the long run, and the assumption that altering issues within the current wouldn’t have the ability to right what he considered as destiny.

Rey witnesses Kylo Ren’s interior battle, as his good coronary heart fights valiantly towards the villainous function he was forged into. She helps Finn preventing his cowardly instincts and molding them into heroic ones. She bickers with Poe Dameron as he learns to be a frontrunner. Rey not solely takes her frustrations in stride and strives to grow to be a greater individual, she appears to be like to the folks round her to assist within the course of. This stands in stark distinction to the strict ethical purity of the Jedi, which limits their effectiveness. They see any deviation from purity as failure, and within the face of that failure, they run away — Luke, Obi-Wan, and Yoda all, at one level or one other, run off to the signature Jedi exile.

Rey’s concentrate on empathy and serving to these round her must be one other very important distinction between the Jedi and the Skywalkers. She sees the great in Kylo Ren lengthy earlier than he does and dangers her life in makes an attempt to assist him atone for his wrongdoings. The Star Wars franchise focuses too deeply on the darkish and lightweight being antonyms, reasonably than two sides of the identical coin. The Jedi usually deal with a pull to the Darkish Facet as some monolithic evil, as if experiencing anger, worry, or love is egocentric and harmful reasonably than one thing that happens naturally throughout the chaotic nature of each day life. A number of the finest characters within the franchise — Lando Calrissian, Han Solo, The Final Jedi’s DJ, The Mandalorian’s Din Djarin — exist firmly within the grey space between these two extremes. Good and evil aren’t mutually unique, absolutist traits — they exist in everybody in various measures.

Rey (Daisy Ridley), Poe (Oscar Isaac), and Finn (John Boyega) group-hug in a moment of triumph, because emotion isn’t as bad as the Jedi say it is

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney

The thought of a radically new group bobbing up from Rey’s coaching and her sensibilities — and Final Jedi’s hints that Drive powers come to folks everywhere in the galaxy, in all walks of life — is the chance for Star Wars to develop up. As an alternative of being a fable, it might be one thing extra advanced. As an alternative of being impassive house samurai just like the Jedi work to grow to be, the Skywalkers might truly have interaction with the communities they got down to assist, forging deeper emotional connections all through the galaxy and at last offering the house for the nuanced conversations which have lengthy been lacking from the franchise. The chances for storytelling are limitless, and so they might lastly make a brand new Star Wars footprint, reasonably than merely increasing the one created again in 1977.

The Skywalkers might journey the galaxy, discovering their very own options to the issues created by the Jedi, the Sith, and the entropic nature of life itself. The facility throughout the universe will lastly be within the arms of individuals not associated to the Skywalkers, Solos, or Palpatines — it’ll be within the arms of Final Jedi’s broom child, or Finn, or some hero we have now but to satisfy, who at the moment believes they’re fated for greater than their meager lot in life. These are the Skywalkers who followers must be speaking about for the subsequent half-century, the folks so impressed by the parable of Luke that they wish to not solely grow to be him however surpass him. He’s what they need to develop past, in any case.

It’s time for the Jedi to finish and for the Skywalkers to be born. Let Rey’s odd declaration on the finish of The Rise of Skywalker be retconned from a meaningless gesture into the seed from which the long run sprouts. I promise Abrams gained’t be mad about his foolish ending being given a life and significance he by no means thought attainable.


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