Time Traveler’s Spouse Secretly Explains Why Henry Can’t Management His Energy

Most of Henry’s surprising journeys take him again to the previous, however there are literally just a few events the place he jumps to the long run. In Niffenegger’s novel The Time Traveler’s Spouse, that is how he first learns he and Clare are destined to have a daughter collectively, Alba. Crucially, the ebook reveals that Alba inherits her father’s state of “chrono-impairment.” Henry is ready to practice her within the expertise she might want to survive earlier than his personal demise, serving to her discover ways to decide locks, steal garments, and defend herself if she is attacked as a result of she has simply appeared someplace bare. At first look, then, Alba’s time journey is just like Henry’s in The Time Traveler’s Spouse; however the ebook subtly hints there is a crucial distinction. Not like Henry, she has a level of management over her powers, and is ready to decide on locations at will. The Time Traveler’s Spouse episode 2 seems to recommend the TV present is taking the identical strategy because the ebook. If chrono-impairment is certainly a genetic situation, then it doesn’t make sense for Alba to have the ability to management it when her father can’t.

Henry’s Energy Can Truly Be Managed

Henry has developed his personal understanding of time journey primarily based round his experiences. He believes sure key moments exert a type of gravitational pull upon a time traveler, drawing him to them; that’s the reason he has skilled his mom Annette’s demise so many instances. Although he doesn’t realize it, additionally it is why he retains being drawn to the woods close to the clearing by Clare’s home; that is the place the place he’ll die. However, whereas there may be definitely a level of fact to this interpretation, it doesn’t totally clarify how his powers work.

The primary time Henry’s powers activated, they merely took him again to a museum – a spot he’d been longing to return to. What’s extra, many moments in his previous – significantly by way of his relationship with Clare – solely grow to be vital exactly as a result of a future model has traveled again to present the couple recommendation. All this means Henry actually ought to have the ability to management his powers, in an identical method to Alba; he could have developed management if not for a private tragedy Henry suffered.

Henry’s Time Journey Is Skilled By PTSD

Henry’s first expertise of time journey was a benign one, however his second occurred when he was caught up within the horrific automotive accident that killed his mom. HBO’s The Time Traveler’s Spouse faithfully follows the ebook, by which a Corvette crashed into the again of his mom’s automotive – with the influence shoving her automobile into the again of a pickup truck. “Once we hit it, a big sheet of metal flew off the again of the truck, got here by means of our windshield, and decapitated my mom,” Henry defined to Clare. He would have been killed as nicely had he not time traveled out, bare, leaving his garments behind and complicated the authorities after they rescued him.

It’s fairly doable Henry is unknowingly struggling to cope with advanced PTSD, a results of this little one expertise. PTSD in childhood impacts the event of the mind, normally which means the amygdala instinctively triggers the flight, fright or freeze response within the face of any potential menace. Trauma survivors usually expertise a lot of signs: they could re-experience or relive reminiscences as flashbacks, they could really feel lower off from others and wrestle to manage their feelings, they usually could nicely flip to substance abuse. Henry’s time journey seems to parallel advanced PTSD in a captivating method, together with his energy triggering at an unconscious stage each time he faces a second of stress – his physique primarily selecting to flee the potential menace. His time journey means he has revisited his trauma numerous instances, viewing his mom’s demise from each doable angle. Curiously, The Time Traveler’s Spouse has modified the ebook by presenting Henry as even much less well-adjusted; Clare faces a better diploma of issue getting him to open up, which would slot in with advanced PTSD. There are even hints of alcohol abuse as a coping technique, albeit an unwise one given alcohol can set off his powers.

It’s doable, then, that Henry’s incapacity to manage his time journey is definitely a side of his PTSD. This might clarify why Henry can’t management his powers in any respect, whereas his daughter Alba seems destined to be taught a lot finer management than her father. It could additionally imply the tip of The Time Traveler’s Spouse is much more tragic, as a result of Henry by no means recovers from his trauma; episode 2 confirmed a 42-year-old Henry visiting his mom’s funeral, re-experiencing that trauma over again, and within the ebook Henry dies at age 43. Finally, it appears Henry won’t ever overcome his trauma in The Time Traveler’s Spouse.

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