Time Traveler’s Spouse: Why Henry Lied To Clare About Being Her Husband

Warning! This text accommodates spoilers for The Time Traveler’s Spouse episode 3.

HBO’s The Time Traveler’s Spouse, Episode 3 poses an intriguing query: Why does Henry lie about being Clare’s husband? Because the central conceit of The Time Traveler’s Spouse, Episode 3, an older model of Clare seems again on their historical past collectively and muses on its which means, Henry’s motivations, and her actions. The episode spends the majority of its time telling the story of Clare’s youth and the way Henry’s presence and his absences impacted her.

Whereas having considered one of their common visits in Clare’s meadow, Clare at 13 tells Henry that she’s put it collectively: he’s talked about that he meets her household sooner or later sooner or later and that his spouse is called Clare. She says she thinks he’s married to her. Whereas that is the apparent reality and each Henry and the viewers understand it, he goes on to mislead her and inform her that the 2 of them aren’t married sooner or later. Clare is crushed, although she tries to cover it. It isn’t till later in Moffat’s adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Spouse that Clare’s timeline that their true relationship is revealed. The 2009 The Time Traveler’s Spouse film has the same scene the place a youthful Clare hopes that Henry may be her husband, although it doesn’t dive as deeply into the idea.

The older Clare that narrates The Time Traveler’s Spouse, Episode 3 explicitly states what she believes is Henry’s motive for mendacity to her about their marriage: he’s an honest man. By this, Clare is implying that to inform her at such a younger and impressionable age would have been inappropriate and predatory, an necessary nod to the doubtless problematic relationship the 2 share. Henry tells a Clare who is worried that he may be on the market dying someplace in time that each one futures finish in a brick wall and that’s motive sufficient to not wish to know what’s coming. He implies that realizing the longer term—predetermined or not—is an undesirable state. Henry’s expertise as a time traveler paints his worldview. Audrey Niffenegger’s novel offers with the connection in comparable methods, with a lot of episode 3 being tailored straight from its pages, whereas the 2009 movie solely touches on Henry’s motivations in mendacity to Clare tangentially.

The Time Traveler’s Spouse movie might not plumb the depths of Henry’s mendacity, but it surely explores it a bit with Clare denying Henry’s proposal simply to see if she will be able to, then instantly accepting as a result of she says her free will desires Henry. Understanding or not realizing doesn’t change what she desires, however the feeling of being caught on a path by future is clearly half and parcel of why Henry doesn’t inform a younger Clare that she’ll in the future marry him. Utilizing The Time Traveler’s Spouse, Episode 3 to extra faithfully and totally adapt Niffenegger’s novel permits the story room to breathe and stretch, explaining the characters’ motivations extra totally than the movie did.

Henry and Clare don’t have a storybook fluffy romance. Their love is regularly tough, messy, and uncomfortable. It is sensible that Henry, realizing this, would need for Clare to have as regular a childhood as doable, regardless of his presence and affect. It speaks effectively of HBO’s The Time Traveler’s Spouse that it isn’t simply brushing these deeper relationship inquiries to the aspect to concentrate on their love story.

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