Titans Nightwing Actor Turned Down Disaster On Infinite Earths Cameo

Whereas Thwaites by no means specified what Nightwing’s look would have seemed like, Titans nonetheless had a presence throughout Disaster on Infinite Earths. Earlier than and after the brand new Multiverse was created by Oliver Queen because the Spectre, Titans had been briefly proven by archived footage from the sooner seasons. Despite the fact that Dick doesn’t seem throughout Titans’ temporary Disaster on Infinite Earths cameos, Hawk, Dove, Robin (Jason Todd,) Starfire, and Raven had been featured to assist set up the connectivity by the Arrowverse Multiverse. That’s the reason Titans is taken into account Arrowverse-adjacent as a result of temporary cameos.

Thwaites isn’t essentially mistaken that Titans and the Arrowverse reveals are considerably totally different from each other. A present on a streaming platform versus a broadcast community is by default going to be made in another way. Nonetheless, there isn’t any motive why Nightwing couldn’t have, just like the opposite characters, appeared in archived footage or shot a scene as they witnessed the Anti-Monitor destroy Earth-9. Thwaites’ Nightwing wasn’t the one massive DC TV cameo that was scrapped, as Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum was additionally approached to return as Lex Luthor. Till the Titans artistic group or anybody concerned with Disaster on Infinite Earths reveals what Nightwing’s cameo would have been like, it’ll stay a thriller what was really pitched to Thwaites.

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