Umbrella Academy’s Pogo Twist Teases A Sparrow Academy Secret

Pogo supplied the Hargreeves household’s ethical spine in The Umbrella Academy‘s unique historical past. He may’ve gone together with Viktor’s incarceration, however he by no means supported it, and at all times handled the seven youngsters with respect and affection. Pogo defecting from the Sparrow Academy might imply Sir Reginald’s new crew are so morally despicable, so missing in love, the chimp couldn’t stand residing amongst them a second longer. Different particulars woven by The Umbrella Academy‘s season 3 trailer assist this concept. The Sparrows are uptight, ruthless and regimental, missing the Umbrellas’ human flaws. Trailer scenes additionally embrace lengthy dystopian flags bearing Sparrow Academy members alongside slogans like “CRIME’S THE PROBLEM – WE ARE THE SOLUTION.” Every thing factors towards the Sparrows being authoritarian peacekeepers slightly than correct superheroes, and maybe Pogo wished no a part of that.

No matter his motivation could also be, Pogo leaving the Sparrow Academy completely mirrors his unique self. Earlier than the Hargreeves children ripped up the historical past books, Sir Reginald pushed each single little one away till solely Pogo remained. Within the rewritten timeline of The Umbrella Academy season 3, the Sparrows all stand loyally by their father’s facet, whereas Pogo is lengthy gone. Possibly that’s why 5 tracks Pogo down on this new timeline. The Umbrellas are at a significant drawback in opposition to the Sparrows, so that they want an ally who not solely understands them, however hates Reginald’s new superheroes simply as a lot as they do.

Whereas the Sparrow Academy’s villainy might positively account for Pogo’s emancipation, one other potential clarification could be discovered. Again in The Umbrella Academy season 2, Diego interfered with Sir Reginald and Grace’s relationship, and his accusations finally broke the couple up. Since Grace was akin to Pogo’s mom, maybe Diego is the actual motive Reginald and his chimpanzee little one don’t get alongside in season 3.

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