Unusual New Worlds Already Mounted Star Trek’s Greatest Pike Drawback

Pike’s actions thus far in Unusual New Worlds have been these of a person who’s conscious of his personal mortality. In season 1, episode 1, “Unusual New Worlds,” Pike realizes that he has been answerable for a pre-warp planet creating a devastating weapon. He defies Starfleet protocol to beam all the way down to the planet, instructing them about Earth’s World Battle III to assist each side keep away from destroying one another. It is a man who needs to make a distinction within the time that he has left, he’s not, as Number one fears, throwing his life away. It’s additionally clear in how a lot he relishes the prospect of redirecting the comet from destroying Persephone III in “Kids of the Comet” that he’s in Starfleet to make a optimistic impression on the universe, and this consciousness of his personal mortality solely fuels that drive.

Number one is each proper and incorrect when she means that Pike was proven the imaginative and prescient of the accident to “save these children and that’s it.” In accepting the end result of his personal tragic Star Trek timeline, Captain Pike will change into extra decided to save lots of these children. It’s just like the comet’s prior consciousness of the Enterprise’s efforts in its redirection, Pike sees that he saves the scholars from their accident, so he turns into an much more courageous and heroic model of himself to finally change into the person that dangers his life for these children. In telling this story of Christopher Pike, Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds has already fastened the potential dramatic issues with understanding his ending, shifting focus to how he involves phrases along with his destiny and makes use of it to be an excellent Enterprise captain, as a substitute of throwing his life away in chasing an alternate answer.

Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds streams Thursdays on Paramount+.

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