Unusual New Worlds Hints Enterprise Has A Higher Quantity One Than Una

La’an for sure proved her potential to be a Quantity One in opposition to the Gorn. She synced up completely with Pike throughout an extremely troublesome situation and properly suggested her Captain on how you can have interaction their unseen reptilian enemies. La’an cleverly used the Gorn’s personal prejudices in opposition to them and tricked the Gorn mothership into destroying its personal help ship. Crucially, La’an stood behind Pike’s plan to make use of the slingshot impact to free the Enterprise from the black gap’s gravity, and he or she reassured the crew that the starship would maintain and the Captain’s gamble would repay. As Quantity One’s life-threatening wounds had been being taken care of by Dr. M’Benga (Babs Olusanmokun) and Nurse Christine Chapel (Jess Bush), La’an easily stepped in as First Officer and was key in guiding the Enterprise out of the disaster.

Though she freely admits that different individuals are difficult for her, La’an has positively proven she is able to command. Lt. Noonien Singh doesn’t shirk accountability, all the time stays level-headed, and offers the Captain with sensible, no-nonsense counsel. As a model new character to Star Trek, La’an’s future is an open ebook however judging from how she has carried out on Unusual New Worlds already, it’s straightforward to see that La’an may doubtlessly develop into a advantageous Quantity One like her pal and mentor, Una. Unusual New Worlds has incapacitated Quantity One in two episodes in order that La’an may step up and show herself, however “Ghosts of Illyria” is all of the proof wanted that Una’s popularity as the most effective Quantity One is deserved. But La’an, the scholar, might but sooner or later surpass the grasp, Una, as Quantity One in Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds if Lt. Noonien Singh ever decides to commerce a gold command uniform for her present purple one.

Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds streams Thursdays on Paramount+.

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