Was that Mustafar? Marvel followers assume they spot Star Wars dimension in Physician Unusual 2

Physician Unusual from Multiverse of Insanity is brimming with magic, cameos and, because the title suggests, a dimensional leap. In a single a part of the movie, Benedict Cumberbatch’s wizard and newcomer America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) “falls” via a sequence of parallel worlds, and plenty of keen-eyed Marvel followers say that considered one of them is a nod to a different nice science-fiction. I imagine. film sequence.

In response to the teaser titled “Journey By the Multiverse,” viewers highlighted one of many worlds the character travels via and steered that it may very well be a Mustafar. In Star Wars tales, Mustafar is a small fiery planet within the Outer Rim Territories the place Darth Maul started coaching below Darth Sidious. It is usually the location of the notorious duel between Darth Vader and his former mentor, Jedi Grasp Obi-Wan Kenobi.

One YouTube consumer wrote, “Oh my God, I simply realized that the lava mountain world you’re in is the place the place Anakin is killed earlier than he turns into Darth Vader in Star Wars.”

“Sure, Mustafa! Poor Anakin was burned alive there.” another person stated Watch the Physician Unusual 2 clip beneath.

On condition that Marvel Studios is owned by Disney and Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the creators of the Star Wars objects, in 2012, that is definitely a reference to a different franchise.

Set after the occasions of Spider-Man: No Means House, Benedict Cumberbatch’s wizard Physician Unusual 2 tries to guard teenage American Chavez (Sochitl Gomez) from an intention to steal a dimensional leap.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Michael Stuhlberg, Rachel McAdams and Patrick Stewart additionally star. Physician Unusual from the Mad Multiverse is now in theaters. Earlier than you watch the film, try our evaluation of the ever-expanding Marvel timeline and discover the precise piece for the franchise. For a spoiler-packed evaluation of Physician Unusual 2, try the next article.

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