Will Firestarter’s Field Workplace Failure Kill Stephen King Films?

In consequence, the failure of Firestarter might ship director Kurt Wimmer’s already-delayed Youngsters of the Corn remake straight to VOD, despite the fact that it can probably do little to dampen enthusiasm for Salem’s Lot. Salem’s Lot is customized from a critically acclaimed miniseries (and novel), whereas each Youngsters of the Corn and 2022’s flawed Firestarter remake are primarily based on 80s films that critics additionally panned the primary time round. Following Dr. Sleep’s failure, Firestarter’s particularly weak debut will nearly inevitably discourage additional big-budget big-screen funding within the writer in the interim.

Nevertheless, all hope shouldn’t be misplaced for King followers. A few of King’s greatest variations have been tv miniseries, and among the writer’s most underrated film variations have been mid-budget releases that weren’t surrounded by hype. The likes of 1408 and Distress weren’t pricey productions like Firestarter, which means they weren’t as closely touted and didn’t flop upon launch in consequence. Whereas a few of King’s storytelling is epic in scope, lots of the writer’s tales are self-contained and completely suited to low-budget variations just like the terrifying Gerald’s Sport. As such, Firestarter’s failure gained’t kill Stephen King variations totally, even when it does contribute to a decelerate within the variety of big-budget blockbusters primarily based on the author’s work.

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